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After The Fall

The Imperium of Man ruled much of the known world for 700 years enslaving all who opposed. Elves, Dwarves,Gnomes, all were brought to heel or faced extermination. The world was ravaged by a cataclysmic war of magic and psionic forces run amok in which the Imperium was finally defeated. The world fell into a subsequent dark age in which storms of magical energy forced many to flee their homes into the wilderness and even into the vast underground realm of the Dwarves. Cities and great fortresses now lay in ruin. Much knowledge and technology was lost during the time of storms. Now the storms have subsided and much of the world is lawless as self proclaimed nobles scramble for land and resources. So now is a time when adventurers explore ruined cities. It is a time when adventurers can become conquerors and conquerors can become kings!





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Main Page

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